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Moss produces tiny spores that become airborne and land on their target surface. During the cool and moist months, these spores grow into moss, which soaks up water and like a sponge preventing It from running off the roof. It then causes tile discolouration; it blocks gutters and falls littering patios and driveways causing an unwanted mess.


Why choose MOSSINATOR?

Our specialist equipment allows roof cleaning from ground level.
We use both new and traditional methods to remove moss in order to restore tile colour and enhance the appearance of your property. We provide a bespoke service to suit your individual requirements based on your property and desired result. In order to achieve this, we are happy to carry out a ‘test patch’ to demonstrate what result can be expected to ensure this is right for you.

As part of the clean we also clear and check all gutters and gullies once we have cleaned the roof. Mossinator also offers soft washing and roof treatments to help prevent moss regrowth.


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Dull, discoloured, moss-covered roof tiles can really affect the appearance of your property, not to mention the annoyance of falling moss littering your driveway, patio and garden.

As all properties requirements differ, Mossinator offers different methods to clear and clean your roof.

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Why choose MOSSINATOR?

We’ve been exterior cleaning for nearly 2 decades so we know exactly how to deal with moss and discoloured tiles.

Not only will your house look fantastic once we’ve finished you will also be free from the annoyance of forever falling moss onto your patios and driveways.


Mossinator is a well established roof cleaning company that have cleaned over 1000 roofs to date. We provide a bespoke cleaning service to suit you. With fully insured trained staff who are more than happy to tailor to your requirements.


With over 2 decades of experience along with the latest technology we can really brighten up any home or property. From guttering to patios we’ve got the equipment and expertise to transform your house and garden.


Mossinator are based in standlake Oxfordshire. We can provide roof and exterior cleaning to any property private, commercial and heritage within a 30 mile radius of our location.

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